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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

LuLu's Back in Town

Fats Waller. Great stride piano and someone I'd love to invite to dinner. Friends gathered around the piano, adult cocktail in hand. Interesting folks having light and gay conversation. It would be swell.

After eighteen months away from Merida, I'm heading back soon. This will be my last trip before the big move . I'll spend time getting the basics set up in the house and will speak to a few Brokers to see who's willing to take me on.

I'll have to hit the ground running.  First priority will be purchasing a bed and charcoal grill. Still no propane or repairs done to mi Nido but over the course of a few visits, I've muled down enough household items to set up shop.

There are a few pieces of furniture that I picked up on Yucatan Online Garage Sale. A great Facebook page where you can get what you need if you're diligent.  A good friend has been nice enough to pick up said purchases and put them in the house for me. Buying things sight unseen and wiring money to strangers may seem foolish to some, but not to me.

I'm going to check out the funky junkyard and see if I can find an old, narrow door. Grab a few cinder blocks and make a temporary bench. I've got a large wash tub that I'm going to fill with ice and good beer in the event that the leaf cutter ants have completely finished off the electric and I have no refrigeration.

Of course there will be dry London gin and lime...

I will visit the Mercado in Santiago for the first time and find something good to grill.

And on my first weekend in mi Nido,  I'm going to have a house full of new friends and old. With an adult cocktail in hand, I'm going to warm my house. Even if it's 95º.

Well look who's here
Lulu's back in town
My, my, my, yes, yes, yes .

Fats Waller