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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

That song from The Clash has been in my head for weeks now...

My mother Claire (who was my best friend) died a month ago.  She knew I wanted to move to Mexico and we joked that I'd be on a plane to Merida the day after her funeral.  It's not happening the way I planned.

I'm like so many people today.  In my 50's, struggling to hold onto a house that's not worth what I paid, uninsured and tired of treading water. 

And trust me...I'm a strong swimmer.

I'm leaving in ten days for Merida and surrounds to start my search for a new life.  Meeting with a real estate broker and hopefully will be able to pick the brains of other expats to see if this move is right.  My heart tells me it is, my family and friends have their doubts.

I spent twenty five years in the hospitality industry before becoming a Realtor in 2007.  Everyone said I was crazy to go into real estate when the market was tanking.  My response was "It's baptism by fire".  Anyone can succeed when things are going well.  I learned from the best and I learned the hard way.   I'm in the top 10% of Realtors in the county and have done well but at a cost.

I no longer have time to volunteer the way I did.  I work a second job in a wine shop to fill in the gaps.  I have wonderful neighbors and a beautiful home on the Hudson River, but something is missing.

I fell in love with Mexico twenty five years ago.  Things were different then.  The roads were narrower,  accommodations were less expensive, and the exchange was 3,000 pesos to the dollar.  Fortunately, the people and beauty of the countryside hasn't changed.

So I think it's time to start living and laughing again.  My mother would agree.

If I go, it won't be alone.  I'll have Mar and Moose, my two big, black, beautiful dogs to keep me company. 

Wish me luck...Melissa