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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Shoes, Pottery and a Passport

On my trip to Merida in September I made sure to take a trip to Ticul.  Ticul is known for two things…pottery and shoes.  I’m no shoe whore but I do have a brother and nephew who both wear size 15 shoes and thought I might find someone who could custom make a few pairs for my favorite men. 

Unfortunately, 99% of the shoemakers in Ticul produce shoes for women.  With the help of a local hotel manager I was able to finally hunt down someone who will be able to accommodate me.  On me next trip I’ll bring extremely large tracings of their feet and contribute to the local economy.

As for pottery, I stopped by the only pottery shop I could find in town and wandered through shelves of ‘Mexican Suns’, planters and glyphs.  Suddenly I was drawn to a corner of the shop and found a jar with a skeleton straddling the face of the jar.  It wasn't "pretty" but I felt that I had to have it.  Hands on hips and a bit defiant but also very comforting in my eyes, which suprised me. 

The pottery here isn't poured into molds and fired in machine made kilns.  It's crafted by hand and fired in a decades old, wood fed kilns.  For a piece to come out unscathed shows remarkable skill that has to be admired.

The owner of the shop told me the figure on the jar was Cimi.  Cimi is often associated with death.  As best as I could gather, he represents the opportunity to let go and remember spirit…of transformation and change…of having faith in the Universe and evolving past victimhood.  Contribution to society and sacrifice for others are also virtues of Cimi.

My mother passed away this summer at age 82.  She was my best friend. 

She was born on November 1st…Dia de Los Muertos.  She faced many losses and challenges in her life.  Widowed at 32 and then again at 63 she never played the victim.  She had amazing faith and while she was a churchgoer, she always thought the most beautiful cathedrals were found out of doors.  Denali, the mesas of New Mexico, the forests of the Pacific Northwest, the Hudson Valley.  She volunteered and found ways to contribute long after her sight and body had failed her.  Her reward for all her efforts was that at 82, her mind and spirit were younger than I remember as a child. 

I have never believed that a person’s physical body represented who they were.  I believe that those that have passed on are still very much with us. 

And my point?  I misplaced my passport five years ago.  Before leaving for Merida, I knew I didn’t have much time to replace it.  The night before I was heading downtown to apply for a new passport I had a dream and in the dream, my mother appeared and said, simply “You know where it is”.  I woke up, went to the closet, grabbed an old purse I'd forgotten about and spilled it on the bed. Out fell a journal I didn’t recognized.  The journal fell open and there was my passport.

Thanks Mom.  Thanks Cimi.

Monday, October 8, 2012

A Wonderful Week

My trip to Merida and surrounds began in Merida.  The few nights in Luz en Yucatan were perfect.  Close to everything in Centro and a great place to wind down midday.

I love the water.  The sea, a puddle or a pool...any one will make me happy and I found them all that week.

Below my balcony in Merida was a perfect pool that saved me after an insanely hot day...

An evening rain in Centro...

A lush and lovely oasis at the Lodge at Uxmal.  Whenever I'm in Uxmal, I treat myself to a stay at the Lodge...

The palms and pool at Flamingos Inn...perfect.  I felt like I'd come home the minute I arrived in Chuburna Puerto...

Having the Gulf right off my terrace was beyond beautiful...

And then home again to my glorious Hudson River.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Two Dogs in Chuburna?

I've been back from my house hunting expedition for a month now and I've had time to digest everything.

Merida was more lovely than I remember.  The people just as warm, the architecture still jaw dropping and the evenings still as magical...

I saw several homes that might have worked for me but then I wandered up to Chuburna Puerto to see a friend and realized that it was where I was meant to be.

Being a New Yorker by birth, city life is part of who I am.  I've always felt at home in the city but for the past ten years have lived with the Hudson River at my doorstep.
I've spent many hours since I returned and realize that I need to settle in a place that's slower paced. 

I love the fact that I can be in New York in less than an hour but at the end of the day, come home to my quiet slice of heaven.

When I realized that Merida was not the right decision, I felt like a bride who was leaving a wonderful, deserving man standing at the altar.  Hopefully I'll be forgiven for walking away.

I'm searching for lot and planning on building a home that fits my needs.  Still it's comforting to know that Merida will be there when I need her.

I suppose my change of heart means having to change the name of my blog...