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Monday, September 3, 2012

Last Minute Musings

Having spent time reading others' blogs about Merida so many questions come up.

It seems as though most expats in Merida come in pairs...and I don't.

I'm not a fearful person.  I grew up in New York City and fear was not an option.  I have no problem living alone but then I've never lived alone in Merida.  While house hunting next week, what safety features should I be looking for in a property?  Any neighborhoods that should be avoided?  I want to become part of the community, taking it all in while contributing at the same time.

My experience as a Realtor tells me that I should rent first (which I probably will) but I also know that the market changes constantly...no matter the city or country and I'd hate to miss out on a great opportunity.  I'll have to shelve the impulsive side of me and look at everything with an objective eye.

The blogs I've been reading occasionally mention some problem that is totally foreign to me as a homeowner.  There's so much to learn and I'll have to pay close attention. 

Then there's the question of how long it will take me to learn enough of Merida to actually work as a Realtor.  I'm hoping that within a year I'll be up and running.  For now I'll rely on others' experiences and any advice that comes my way.