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Monday, October 7, 2013

Hurry Up and Wait

I know that things move more slowly in Mexico.  A more leisurely lifestyle is something I look forward to. People seem to enjoy conversation and life doesn't seem like something you have to "get on with."

A few weeks ago we contacted the architect we'd like to design and construct the addition we're planning. He was nearing the end of a project and we're now waiting for him to measure the house and present some ideas. In my New York mind it's taking forever.

A little over a year ago, I went off to Merida to start my search and within six months, I had the keys to a two bedroom, two bath home in Santiago.  Quite livable and with a courtyard to die for,  I couldn't be happier. While some folks think I might have rushed into things, I think I made the perfect choice then...and I still feel that way now.

I have friends who continue to peruse the various real estates sights long after they've made a purchase. Initially I avoided that temptation. Was I afraid that there might be something better that would come up for sale? Did I pay too much? Should I have waited a bit longer to pull the trigger?

I think not.

My Broker showed my over thirty homes during my September and February visits in god awful heat. She was a saint looking back on it now. As a Realtor myself, I know that sometimes your client has to be assured that there isn't something "better" out there.

Over the past months I've checked out the various real estate offerings in Merida and I still think that my house was a good deal for under $55,000. Occasionally,  some gem comes on the market for under $75,000 but that wasn't my budget. I've yet to see a home in the $50's or less quite as nice as mi nido.

Now that mi hermano y cunada are hoping to build a second floor over my place,  renovations will put things on hold. Plumbing and drainage have to be reconfigured downstairs to accommodate upstairs. Privacy issues have to be addressed. Changes will be made to the courtyard to accommodate two households. My sister in law would like a washing machine and they'd both like a pool. These are two adjustments I can definitely live with.  I'll suffer through it, somehow.

Someone is coming in weekly to tend to all things green. It not really as extravagant as it seems.  By paying six months in advance, it comes out to roughly $10 per week...the cost of two lattes in Manhattan.  Once construction starts, we'll put gardening aside for awhile.

I'm glad I bought when I did... I'm glad I held off on repairs and painting...and I'm glad that my family wants a space to call their own in Merida.

I'm just not happy about having to wait.


  1. God's having a good laugh at us "New York minute" types. Even before building, it took from August 2011 (when we made an offer) to just before Christmas to get the property purchased. Then in May 2012 we flew down to finalize papers and choose the architect. Waiting for the "right" crew to complete their previous project, it took until November 2012 to break ground. It's now October 2013 and only just now are windows coming in. Patience, patience, patience.

    And you're right not to wait. It all comes down to, "if now not, when...?"

  2. Saintly! I think once we see something on paper, the wait will be easier rather than harder.

    With winter coming it will be nice to have something to look forward to.

    I don't know how you do it!